Around the World in 80 Years

Around the world in 80 years

Ode to my Dad

To sum up Dad’s life at this great age

To see the knit between,

What a man says and what a man does

He’s hit that Gold­en Mean.


He’s ham­mered out a life of for­tune

A house, a boat or two.

A hard work­ing time and motion man

Just between me and you.


You always know where he stands on things

When oft you hear him speak,

Those big Playne eyes on stalks: What do

You think this is? Bush Week?


You’ll find him in the garage most­ly

Dressed in his King Gees,

Weld­ing, mould­ing, mak­ing God knows what,

It will be the bee’s knees.


The years present their chal­lenge

To which he fights and rails.

When I’m dic­ta­tor that’ll change”

One more let­ter he will mail.


Sur­pris­ing­ly age has wea­ried him

He’s joined the mor­tals with our naps.

He’s seen the docs at great expense

And com­plained about the gaps.


But the wise joy I see often

Is the look upon his face,

Of a man who let life soft­en him

To share its lov­ing grace.


What, then, is his guid­ing star?

His map for me and you?

None oth­er than the ancient Bard:

To thine own self be true.


March 2015