Mixed media, ceram­ic sculp­ture


Paw­traits of Dis­tinc­tion are now the fas­ci­na­tion…


This series of Heart themed work explores the inter­play of colour tex­ture and lay­er­ing – both adding and sub­tract­ing of lay­ers to reveal the heart of the expres­sion. Acrylic on Board.





Detail of carv­ing from ceram­ic sculp­ture

I am a visu­al artist who works in South East Queens­land with all sorts of com­mu­ni­ties cre­at­ing ephemer­al and per­ma­nent pub­lic art such as Labyrinths, streetscape art, mosaics, sculp­tures, inground paving, lanterns, Gigantes, instal­la­tions etc.


Detail from artist’s book: Moth­er­sto­ry, mixed media

My main enjoy­ment is in see­ing cre­ative ideas to fruition and help­ing oth­er peo­ple get in touch with their innate cre­ativ­i­ty.

Mixed media instal­la­tion, ceram­ic, paper, water

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Slab rolled and sag­gar fired

Mor­ro­can inspired and using paper lantern mak­ing tech­niques post-fir­ing


woven square basket

woven bas­ket

ceramic piece

impressed with fern leaf

ceramic piece

impressed with seed pods

ceramic piece

impressed with fern leaf

Viewers’ Feedback

Thank you for cre­at­ing such beau­ti­ful art. The har­mo­ny your work cre­ates will stay with me in my heart.”

I am in awe of your beau­ti­ful images and flow of feel­ing from them.”

It’s hard sometimes for the manifested inner thought to be represented in a way that speaks so clearly to others. Your work is inspiring and downright beautiful.”

Your work is so calm and revi­tal­is­ing – sim­ple earthy tones that put you at ease and make you think of your roots and big­ger pic­ture”

You speak my feel­ings, your worked has touched me”

Very often lan­guage can’t cap­ture that peace and beau­ty that’s found in spir­i­tu­al faith, but your pieces are very beau­ti­ful and they come clos­er.”

Latest video text montage Where I Live

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