Category: Student Testimonials - Tamara's Tuition

Year 11 Student

I’d like to thank you for all of the encour­age­ment and advice you have giv­en me in this last year. I hon­est­ly don’t know how I would have sur­vived Mod­ern His­to­ry, Legal Stud­ies, Dra­ma and Eng­lish with­out you. So from

Year 12 Student

I want to say thank you so much for all of your help. It has been fan­tas­tic work­ing with you. You have helped me so much. Dylan. Novem­ber 2016.

Year 12 Student

Tama­ra is very friend­ly and has helped sig­nif­i­cant­ly lift my grade. She has helped me inter­pret assess­ments to under­stand what they require in order to meet high­er lev­els of cri­te­ria than before I start­ed at Tama­ra’s Tuition.

Year 12 Student

Over my final two years of school­ing Tama­ra’s Tuition helped me improve in Eng­lish and get the best results pos­si­ble. Tama­ra was always inter­est­ed in the top­ics we stud­ied and invest­ed in help­ing her stu­dents and as a result was

Year 10 student

I got an A- for the assess­ment piece you helped me with… thanks for all your help and see you next year.

Year 9 Student

Thanks to Tama­ra’s Tuition, I received an A- on my Eng­lish Oral. Teacher Com­ments “You made good use of a Pow­er­Point which was visu­al­ly appeal­ing. You spoke well, with clar­i­ty, pace and used pace/pause for effect. You estab­lished eye con­tact

Year 9 Student

Thanks so much for your recent help with my Eng­lish Assign­ment. It was because of your help that I got an A. So Hap­py!

Year 10 Student

I real­ly enjoyed the exam­ples you gave of how to make it bet­ter which helped me learn from my mis­takes.

Never underestimate the power of encouragement.